Dinosaur Superheroes

2000. Acrylic on acetate. 23"x34".


Dinosaurs were monsters from another time. Impossibly large, unbelievably powerful and frightfully alien, they're among the most intriguing animals that have ever lived. Yet they've been gone so long only their crumbling bones remain. How have these ancient beasts come to establish such a firm grip on our imaginations?

Perhaps their reptilian nature awakens primordial awe and fear within us. Our fascination with these creatures has imbued them with the evil wisdom of the biblical serpent and the dark terror of mythical dragons. They're so bizarre they seem like the unreal creatures of an overactive imagination, or the products of a fantastic experiment gone awry.

In more ways than one, dinosaurs are bigger than life. Sensational new discoveries constantly add to their superstar status. Their avian physiologies link them to living birds, and their sudden disappearance lends an element of mystery to their story. Like comic book superheroes engaged in a never-ending drama, the dinosaurs will continue to roam the frontier between fact and fiction.

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