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It has been many ages since the last of the dinosaurs walked the earth. Sixty-five million years have passed since they became extinct, yet that is a brief time compared to their long reign. Coelophysis was an early predatory dinosaur of the Late Triassic period. It lived so long ago that more than twice as much time separates it from the tyrannosaurs as that which separates the tyrannosaurs from us.

Vital Statistics

Genus Name: Coelophysis ("hollow form")
Type Species: * C. bauri (Cope & Colbert, 1964)
Length: 8-10 feet (2.5-3 meters)
Weight: 25-70 pounds
Time: 222-215 million years ago (Late Triassic)
Place: Arizona, New Mexico
Diet: meat-eater (carnivore)

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